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Axcel Closes Portfolio Loan for SFR Investor

Financing Investor Growth

We recently helped a Philadelphia-area investor refinance a portfolio of single-family investment residences with a blanket loan from a local credit union. The SFR market has gained enormous popularity with investors around the country and there are now many attractive options for both acquisitions and refinancing. In this case, our client wanted to refinance higher-rate acquisition debt. We provided a loan with a higher LTV, lower rate and longer amortization than the current debt. The investor's cash flow is substantially improved as a result of the refinancing.

Contact Us

Contact Bernie Rosenberg, Director of Business Development in South Jersey, to discuss this and any other commercial real estate or operating company finance needs. Bernie specializes in investor loans, franchise finance, and owner-occupied loans from $500,000 to $10 million. Bernie can be reached at (610) 613-0190 or by email.

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