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Axcel Investor Services

In addition to securing and placing debt and equity for our clients, Axcel provides a unique and powerful set of Investor Services designed with the professional real estate investor in mind.

Off-Market Transaction Expertise

Our research capabilities, honed during years of purchasing tax-delinquent and abandoned properties, are second to none and available to clients on a fee- or contingency basis. We are especially adept at transactions involving properties that have tangled title, intestate estate, or any of a number of other issues that impair or prevent marketability of clear title. Virtually every investor we've dealt with knows of that one property they would buy except for some title or ownership issue preventing its transfer. Call us with those, chances are we can help.

Credit Tenant Lease Structuring

For investors seeking attractive, guaranteed long-term returns while minimizing property management responsibilities, we structure credit tenant (also known as "triple-net" or "NNN") lease transactions. These investments are characterized by long-term leases with a creditworthy tenants, often national or regional retailers, and can be leveraged to further increase the investor's return. NNN Lease transactions have gained popularity and are often included in investors' overall portfolio to provide stable income streams while minimizing the investor's time demands. Let us show you how to generate long-term income from real estate while reducing risk and management.

We are actively looking for new client relationships where our approach to providing valued advice and transaction expertise combines with mutual trust, respect, and responsiveness.

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