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The Power of Relationships

Closing Local Loans for Foreign Investors

Prospects often ask what we at Axcel can do for them that other loan brokers can't. The answer most often lies in our ability to source and deliver the right capital from the right source at the right time.

This is illustrated in a recent financing arranged by Axcel Director Marc Blatstein for an active investor client, whose partners contribute equity towards projects from offshore. The nature of the LP interests and the structure of the fund made traditional underwriting problematic, despite the underlying value and strong cash flow of the assets.

Marc recognized the inherent challenges this financing presented to most lenders and sought one of our more flexible local lenders, whose common-sense underwriting approach would allow them to secure themselves adequately while providing both a term loan and a line of credit to the client. Most importantly, the lender assessed the Sponsor's experience and character, and based their credit accordingly. The client was able to leverage his current portfolio and will draw down the line to build another unit on its land and pursue other acquisition opportunities.

Marc Blatstein and the rest of the Axcel team stands ready to bring the power of our relationships and experience to your financing. Experience - when it really matters - is the essence of Axcel's value proposition.

Axcel Capital Group targets flawless execution of real estate and operating company financings from $500,000 to $20 million. Contact us at (215) 367-1675 with your financing opportunities.

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